Asian Tales: Native Alienz (2009)

Following a successful Double Shot season at THE EDGE (now Auckland Live) involving workshop presentations of works-in-progress, Oryza formally premiered the full season of Asian Tales: Native Alienz from 18 - 21 February 2009 at Herald Theatre.

This was Oryza’s debut on the Auckland arts scene, which brought together a multicultural team of playwrights, directors, and actors to tackle the growing cultural divide in Auckland, giving local audiences an insight into our local Asian life, culture, and perspective with a brand new, original theatre production.

Mount Head

Director by Tony Forster
Written and Performed by Hiroshi Nakatsuji

In Rakugo style, with only a handkerchief and a fan, and seated in a traditional Japanese fashion, Hiroshi Nakatsuji tells the surrealistic story of an avaricious cherry eater and the cherry tree that sprouts from his head due to his gluttonous ways.

The Mooncake and The Kumara

Written by Mei-Lin Hansen and Kiel McNaughton
Directed by Alex Lee
Chao: Ezra Low
Alice: Amber Curreen
Wife: Mei Chan

1927: In a market garden in Manawatu just before the mid-autmn Moon Festival, a relationship grows between Chao, a Chinese man, and Alice, a Mâori girl. But in the shadow is Chao's wife back in China...

Midnight, State Highway 01

Written by Mukilan Thangamani
Directed by Alex Lee
Ray: Alvin Maharaj
Lisa: Maylee Allen

A young Indian man and an East-Asian woman meet after a late-night accident on a deserted highway. As they wait for a tow truck, they find things to share...


Written by Misa Tupou
Directed by Gerald Urquhart
Lone Figure/Politician: Leand Macadaan
Ensemble: Gary Young, Ally Xue John Giang

Despised and condemned for the colour of his skin, a Lone Figure holds on to his golden dream of being with his lover. When the pressure invades his soul, he snaps into action to fight for his rights.


Written by Renee Liang
Directed by Gerald Urquhart
Father: Ezra Low
Daughter: Maylee Allen

A Chinese girl growing up in New Zealand tries to come to terms with her split identity, while her father tries to respond to his daughter's changing ideas. Masks both hide and reveal... including bravery in the face of change.

The Loyal Customer

Written and Directed by Ying Ly
Vang: Gary Young
Emma: Ema Barton
Young: Kat Wong
Chris: Hiroshi Nakatsuji

In the contemporary world of Auckland's food hall culture, a pregnant girl who dreams of fashion school becomes a regular customer at a Vietnamese stall. An opportunistic action inadvertently changes the course of the chef's life.

Citizen 3

Written by Davina Goh
Directed by Yee Yang 'Square' Lee
Sean: Leand Macadaan
Penelope: Te Kaea Beri
Ping: John Giang

Sean is a young Malaysian-Chinese man having trouble living up to the expectations of both his nationality and ethnicity. A sudden turn of events exposes the effects of Sean's upbringing.

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