Call of the Sparrow (2016)

Co-presented by Oryza, Call of the Sparrows was the first original work by Proudly Asian Theatre (PAT) (formerly, Pretty Asian Theatre). As part of our efforts to nurture the growth and development of more new local Asian storytelling, Oryza executive produced as well as provided mentorship and structural support on this project helping kickstart Auckland’s newest fledgling Asian theatre company.

Based on intimate family stories uncovered by Chinese-Pakeha writer Chye-Ling Huang and Filipino-born director James Roque – PAT Co-Founders – Call of the Sparrows draws audiences into the surreal world of The Village where old world and new world values, identities and passions collide.

Influenced by the mood, style and architecture of Chinese and South-East Asian cultures, Call of the Sparrows is Proudly Asian Theatre’s debut season of an original stage production that came to life as a ten minute entry in 2015 at Short+Sweet Auckland where the company won the Best Independent Company Award.

Hilarious, gruesome and other-worldly, these personal stories are all presented as true. But passed so far down the generations, the line between reality and magic begins to blur, especially when viewed through the lens and lives of modern-day Asian New Zealanders.
In the tiny mountain community of The Village, gossip is the currency and tradition is everything. As an outsider, Little Sparrow, arrives to find a world driven by superstition and dark histories.

To survive crooked peddlers, invisible spirits and a mother-in-law with a hidden agenda, she’s got to learn to fly with the flock. Caught in the middle of an uprising, Little Sparrow is forced to make a choice that alters the course of her destiny and the lives of others.

Featuring in Call of the Sparrows is an energetic cast of talented Asian actors all under 30s:

Chye-Ling Huang
Alice Canton
Amanda Grace Leo
Ravi Gurunathan
Sarah Nessia
Nikita Tu-Bryant

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