Japanese Modern Play Reading Series (2011)

Oryza presented this work in collaboration with Yuri Kinugawa of Neko Theatre Company. This reading series was held to support fundraising efforts by the Japanese Society of Auckland towards the 2011 tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

The Japanese Modern Play Reading Series was a series of rehearsed readings (as opposed to performance seasons). It was designed as a collection of readings, open to the public, with an inherent appeal to both Japanese and Japanese-Kiwi in New Zealand, as well as non-Japanese who have associations with Japan or are interested in Japanese culture and arts. This project was also supported by the University of Auckland.

The roles played were read by a mixed cast of professional actors including Mike Lowe, Erroll Shand, Warwick Broadhead, Michael Drew, Ally Xue, Mark Scott, Donogh Rees, Shireen Shah, Jay Jay Fong & Mitchel Kwan.

Four plays were read:

5–7 May 2011
The Face of Jizo
by Hisashi Inoue

21–23 July 2011
My Friend Hitler
by Yukio Mishima

22–24 September 2011
The Man Who Turned Into A Stick
by Kō bō Abe

17–19 November 2011
Hokusai Sketchbooks
by Seiichi Yashiro

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